Activity Zone

Welcome to the Virtual Activity Zone at the National Railroad Museum®! Here you will find activities you can do at home. From coloring and counting to science and math, you will find activities to engage all ages.


March 17, 2020
Story: Woosh & Chug by Sebestien Braun
Craft: Paper Trains

March 18, 2020
Story: Snakes on a Train by Kathryn Dennis
Craft: Paper Plate Snakes

March 24, 2020
Story: I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track by Joshua Prince
Craft: Thumb Print Ants

March 25, 2020
Story: Trouble on the Tracks by Kathy Mallat
Craft: Trouble the Cat

March 30, 2020
Story: Alphabet Train by Samantha R. Vamos
Craft: Write Your Name Train

March 31, 2020
Story: I’m Fast by Kate and Jim McMullan
Craft: Color your Own Fast Train

April 1, 2020
Story: Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Emma Garcia
Craft: Flower Garden Counting

April 2, 2020
Story: Where do Steam Trains Sleep at Night by Brianna Caplan Sayres
Craft: Star Light Start Bright Cup

April 3, 2020
Story: Thomas and the Tiger by Christopher Awdry
Craft:Make Your Own Tiger Mask

April 6, 2020
Story: Shark VS. Train by Chris Barton
Craft: Shark Puppet

April 7, 2020
Story: I Love Trains by Philomen Sturges
Craft: Egg Carton Train

April 8, 2020
Story:Crossings by Philip Booth
Craft:Operation Lifesaver Coloring Sheet

April 9, 2020
Story: Happy Birthday Thomas by Rev. Christopher Awdry
Craft: Decorate a Birthday Cake

April 13. 2020
Story: The Train Goes Clickety-Clack by Jonathon London
Craft: Make Your Own Binoculars

April 14, 2020 
Story: I Drive a Freight Trin by Sarah Bridges
Craft: Make Your Own Engineer’s Hat

April 15, 2020
Story: The Moose is Loose by Mark Cathew
Craft: Make a Moose

April 16, 2020
Story: All Aboard the Dinotrain by Deb Lund
Craft: Make your own “d”inosaur

April 17, 2020
Story: James and the Balloon by Christopher Awdry
Craft: Make Your Own Balloon Elephant Cards

April 20, 2020
Story: Riding the Train by Maggie Testa
Craft: Dinosaur Train Coloring Sheet

April 21, 2020
Story: The Thunderbolt Express by Matthew Porter
Craft: Hand Print Monkey

April 22, 2020
Story: The Littlest Train by Chris Gall
Craft: Shapes of a Train

April 23, 2020 
Story: The Little Red Caboose by Marion Potter
Craft: Make Your Own Nature Wands



April 24, 2020 
Story: Night Train, Night Train by Robert Buleigh & Wendell Minor
Craft: Foil Moon

April 27, 2020
Story: Peppa Pig and the Big Train  a Scholastic Book
Craft: Draw Peppa Pig

April 28, 2020 
Story: Math at the Train Station by Tracey Stefford
Craft: Trace by Number – Train

April 29, 2020
Story: The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper
Craft: The Little Engine that Could

April 30, 2020
Story: Circus Train by Adria F. Klein
Craft: Make Your Own Clown Face

May 1, 2020:
Story: PAW Patrol Ready! Set! Drive!
Craft: PAW PATROL Badges

May 4, 2020
Story: Pete the Cat’s Train Ride by James Dean
Craft: Pete the Cat Color by Number

May 5, 2020
Story: Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express by Trey King
Craft:Popsicle Stick Lego Head

May 6, 2020
Story: Train Trip by Nick Ackland
Craft: Travel Bingo

May 7: 2020
Story: Huff and Puff Have too Much Stuff by Tish Rabe
Craft: Spring Cleaning Chart

May 8, 2020 
Story: PAW PATROL: Heroes at Work
Craft:Chase Coloring Sheet

May 11, 2020
Story: Dinosaur Train – Welcome to Junior Conductor’s Academy by A.E. Dingee
Craft: Dinosaur Hat

May 12, 2020
Story: Huff and Puff and the New Train by Tish Rabe
Craft: Racing Paper Caterpillars

May 13, 2020
Story: Curious George’s Train by Hans & Margret Ray
Craft: How to Draw Curious George

May 14, 2020
Story: Two Little Engines by Margaret Wise Brown
Craft: Hide N Seek

May 15, 2020
Story: Toby Had a Little Lamb
Craft: Doily Lamb

May 18, 2020
Story: Trainbots by Miranda Paul
Craft:Robot Pencil Holder

May 19, 2020
Story: City Train by Adria F. Klein
Craft: Make Your Own Train Ticket

May 20, 2020
Story: Follow the Track All the Way Back by Timothy Knapman & Ben Mantle
Craft: Make Your Own Train Tracks

May 21, 2020
Story: Huff and Puff by Tisha Rabe
Craft: Matching Sock Game

May 26, 2020
Story: The Goodnight Train Rolls On! by Julie Sobel 
Craft: Day and Night Sorting Activity

June 2, 2020
Story: Who’s in the Ocean by Melissa & Doug
Craft: Counting Bug Puzzles

June 4, 2020
Story: The Monster of Sodor by Rev. Audry
Craft: Monster Eyes Sensory Bottle


a sign on the side of a building

April 15, 2020
Episode 11: Erosion
Episode 12: Dome Diner

April 20, 2020
Episode 13: What’s on a Freight Train? 
Worksheet: Name the Freight Car

Episode 14: Dining on the Train

April 22, 2020
Episode 15: Who’s on a Train
Worksheet: Passenger Train Crew

Episode 16: Aerodynamics and the Dwight D. Eisenhower
Worksheet: Aerodynamics

April 27, 2020
Episode 17: Matter & Trains
Worksheet: States of Matter

Episode 18: The Caboose
Worksheet: Color Chessie’s Yellow Caboose

April 29, 2020
Episode: 19: Shapes
Worksheet: Build a Locomotive with Shapes

Episode 20: The GG- 1
Worksheet: Name the Parts of the GG-1

May 4, 2020 
Episode 21: 3-D Geometric Shapes
Episode 22: The Big Hook

May 6, 2020
Episode 23: Exploring the Transcontinental Railroad
Worksheet: Reading List

Episode 24: Shining Shoes on the Pullman

May 11, 2020
Episode 25: The Transcontinental Railroad
Episode 26: Green Bay & Western #315

May 13, 2020
Episode 27: Chessie Cat
Worksheet: Chessie’s Flowers

Episode 28: Soo Line #715

May 18, 2020
Episode 29: Railroad Speak
Worksheet: Railroad Language

Episode 30: CB&Q RPO
Worksheet: RPO Mail Sorting

May 20, 2020
Episode 31: Do You Know Hobo Language? 
Worksheet: Hobo Signs

Episode 32: The Silver Spirit

May 26, 2020
Episode 33: The GG-1: Oil, Water, and Electricity

May 28, 2020
Episode: 24: Harvey House Summer Desserts
Recipe: Peach Alexander

June 2, 2020
Episode 25: Railroad Travel Art
Worksheet 1: Seattle Coloring Sheet
Worksheet 2: Philadelphia Pennsy Poster

June 6, 2020
Episode 26: Hot Biscuits: The Story of Bisquick