Group Tours

Explore the history and technology of America's railroads!

Your Museum exploration can be either guided or self-paced. Each program will allow you to experience the Museum’s collection and exhibits in an up-close, personal manner.

Guided Tours require a minimum of two hours.

Your guide will discuss the highlights of the collection including: the General Motors Aerotrain, General Eisenhower’s WWII command train, the Union Pacific Big Boy, the Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 electric locomotive, the Pullman porters, and the Wisconsin 40&8 boxcar.

For a typical adult tour, your time at the Museum would be:

  • 25-minute train ride (available May–September)
  • 25-minute theater presentation

You may wish to allot additional time to explore exhibits not included in the tour or to visit the Museum Store.

Hobo Lunches – Dine like a real rail rider! The Museum can provide your group with a hobo (box) lunch as part of your visit. Please ask for menu and pricing information when you make your tour reservation.

Sales Policy

Tours are offered throughout the year and are registered on a first-come-first-served basis. Tours are not offered during Museum special events.

Pricing & Availability – Adult groups of 10+: $8.50 each (age 12+).

Group Registration – For tour date/time availability, please contact the Museum’s Education Director at (920) 437-7623, x-16.

Eligibility for Group Rates

  • Groups of 10 or more will receive the current group discounted admission rate.
  • Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance.

Chaperone and Bus Driver Admission

  • Adult groups: Tour escort and any licensed, professional bus drivers are admitted free.
  • Youth/School groups: One (1) chaperone is required for every 10 students. Required chaperones and licensed professional bus drivers are admitted free. We will round up the number of free chaperones (21 students = 3 chaperones)

Tour Reservations

Advance reservations are required for all Group Tours. Reservations can be made by calling (920) 437-7623, x-16 or by emailing the Museum’s Education Director.


  • All tours require a non-refundable $25.00 deposit to be received by the Museum no later than one week before the tour date.

Tour Fees – Balance of a remaining tour fees due upon arrival at the Museum.

Have questions about our group tours? Below are some common questions to help you.

  • Chevron down Group Tour FAQs
  • Are group tours offered throughout the year?

    Yes, the Museum offers group tours any time. You may wish to consider reserving a tour in the off-peak months from October through April. (Tours may not be offered on some days due to Museum special events or staff availability.)

    Are group tours offered during Museum Special Events?

    Sorry, we do not accept group tours during Museum special events.

    When and how do I pay for my tour program?

    We ask that groups settle their account in our Museum Store upon arrival at the Museum. We accept cash, checks or credit cards. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, we ask that all accounts be settled at the time of arrival.

    Can food be purchased at the Museum?

    Sorry, food is not available for purchase on the Museum grounds. However, groups are allowed to carry-in food and non-alcoholic beverages.

    Is there a picnic area or other facilities where our group can eat lunch?

    Yes, the Museum does have picnic area available. Please mention your interest in this facility when placing your reservation.

    Can our group take a train ride?

    If you visit between May and September and on weekends in October, your group will be able to take a train ride. The Museum’s train runs during this period and we will accommodate your group with one of our regular departures or a special trip, if necessary.

    Are wheelchairs available?

    A limited number of wheelchairs are available from the Museum Store. We will ask that you deposit a valid driver’s license with us to secure the use of a wheelchair.

    Does the Museum have bus parking?

    Yes, our parking facilities can accommodate everything from extended vans to full-size touring coaches.

    Can we take pictures during the tour?

    You are welcome take pictures at the Museum for your personal, private, non-commercial use. If you wish to take photographs for any other purpose, prior written permission must be obtained. Please not, the use of tri- or mono-pods is not permitted on the Museum grounds without prior wish to take photographs for any other purpose, prior written permission must be obtained. The use of tri- or mono-pods is not permitted on the Museum grounds without prior consent.

Looking for information on educational programs? Museum programs for patrons young and old exist on many levels, are highly interactive, and can be customized to meet specific learning objectives.